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How to convert leads and keep customers when entrepreneurs cannot afford CRM solutions offered by major software companies

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Many small and medium enterprises are still using a combination of Excel spreadsheets, Outlook (or other email clients) with QuickBooks (or similar accounting software) to manage their business processes. They then add a WordPress or DIY CMS website and try to connect them and this is where the problems begin.


The new El Dorado or another mirror for larks (miroir aux alouettes)?

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Although Blockchain technology has already found some application in supply chain sustainability, safety verification, real estate and mining property claims, and the internet of things, the proof that the concept of block chain technology work has been achieved is in the creation of cryptocurrencies, and of course the first and infamous Bitcoin.

What is the most important piece of info on your business card?

Your website

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Tomorrow you will attend a business meeting, a tradeshow or apply for a loan. What is the most important piece of info on your business card? The answer is your website simply because the person you handed your card to will immediately check your website before anything else.


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One way to achieve this is through technology by implementing an online business process network as an integral part of your business website. You may already have a legacy business process management tool (ERP/CRM) to run one or more of your business processes and are thinking to move them on the cloud to increase efficiency, sales and profit while reducing your costs.


Untangle your business workflow mess regrouping your business process management under your new all-in-one business management application provided by your new business website

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Integrating outdated legacy business software with modern cloud applications using multiple APIs generally results in a messy, fragile and insecure business network that can also be very costly. The Integration of systems and the secure sharing of data across numerous applications is a necessity most enterprises are facing today in order to grow their business and compete in their market. 

How much does a business website cost?

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Online forums are loaded with questions like “How much does a custom business website cost?” and “How much should I pay for professional website development?”. Most answers are very evasive because they approach the question broadly from designing a website with a cheap template-based builder and contracting a freelance WordPress designer to a professional web development agency. Based on our own client case studies we have created a “Business website cost calculator”, try it now!

Quick Social vs. GoDaddy, Wordpress, & More

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Today you can make your own website for free or almost nothing with Wix, Godaddy, WordPress, & etc, but how about when you start reading the fine print? To help you make the most informed decision when designing or updating your website, we've investigated our leading competitors' professional design offers and compared them with our services.

Quick Social for Entrepreneurs

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Quick Social is a multi-dimensional, cost-effective solution that puts web design, content management, and overall branding in your control at a cost far below other so-called web consultants. The Quick Social program is unique in that there are no long-term, high-cost advisory contracts, which at the end of the day only increase your dependency on consultants with a low return on investment.