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What is the most important piece of info on your business card?

Your website

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Tomorrow you will attend a business meeting, a tradeshow or apply for a loan. What is the most important piece of info on your business card? The answer is your website simply because the person you handed your card to will immediately check your website before anything else.


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One way to achieve this is through technology by implementing an online business process network as an integral part of your business website. You may already have a legacy business process management tool (ERP/CRM) to run one or more of your business processes and are thinking to move them on the cloud to increase efficiency, sales and profit while reducing your costs.

Your website in times of globalization and uncertainty…

It’s all over the news and it will affect your business!

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Finding the balance is key and entrepreneurs should reaffirm clearly their company strategy, mission and values while engaging their employees and partners to do the same. The easy way to achieve balance between global and local business is with a dynamic and social-enabled business website that implements the following guidelines applicable for both local and multi-national websites...

Quick Social for Entrepreneurs

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Quick Social is a multi-dimensional, cost-effective solution that puts web design, content management, and overall branding in your control at a cost far below other so-called web consultants. The Quick Social program is unique in that there are no long-term, high-cost advisory contracts, which at the end of the day only increase your dependency on consultants with a low return on investment.

Best Web Design 2015

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Does your website reflect your business/brand? When was the last time you really looked at your website? Does your website have the latest technologies, features and design of today? If you can't answer yes to these questions then read more for 10 tips to get you on the right track.

Online business communities are driving the future of marketing, owning your industry social community is key to your B2B and B2C success.

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We are all part of a community, whether a family, a tribe, an occupation, a religion, an interest, an industry, a cause, a city, a country, etc... the .community is the most sought after new gtld because specialized online communities are becoming the solution for business marketing. large social networks without a purpose like facebook are no longer successful in attracting new members as their obsolete group technology has limitation in displaying specialized content. in fact they also have difficulties to retain existing members due among other things to their increasing invasion of privacy.