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The internet was born in the early 80’s and at that time was mostly used by scientists, militaries, universities and the government. Few of these users where concerned about making their page attractive, engaging or even responsive (no cell phones at that time). We had to wait until the 90’s to have websites with some design and at first they were hard coded with a note pad. I know it because in 1995 I opened the first online magazine called perfume2000. At the time aside of hard coded websites we started to use the first compilers like Frontpage, Macromedia Homesite then Dreamweaver and of course Visual studio a follower of Fox-pro. It wasen't until the early-2000’s when ecommerce’s started to bloom on the internet, following Amazon then companies started to care about the look and feel of their websites. Although the concept of having a platform/system to manage content online in real time without uploading from a compiler or an FTP was around since the mid 90's with Vignette and others it is more like a decade ago that CMS (Content Management Software) like Drupal, Magento, WordPress, Joomla, DNN…, became available.



What is DNN and why do I need it?

A If you are not a web developer and want to change the content of your website you do need a CMS and DNN is one of the best if not the best. DNN was first started in 2001 by Microsoft as a portal project called “IBuySpy Portal” to showcase the new ASP.NET software development framework. Later Shaun Walker modified the software and renamed it Dotnetnuke. Unlike most CMS DNN was created to be a CMS for business therefore it is secure, scalable and very easy to use for most of our clients that use Microsoft office in other areas of their business.

Why did you choose DNN vs. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, etc.?

A For Drupal and Magento, just a question of preferring the .NET development environment over PHP, For Joomla and WordPress aside of the programming language preference they are not very secure, not really scalable and hard to use for our clients and their business websites. Another argument is that most of our clients want to work with the government and large corporations so .NET is the best choice.

How does DNN work and how much it cost?

A Think about an online platform you can connect through any browser Chrome, Firefox, Edge, opera etc.…, to secure login, create and change content. On the top of that you can also give role based access to others like your team, clients and vendors to give them access to online tools and features that you can add to the core DNN to accomplish multiple functions like E-commerce, ERP, CRM, projects management, etc. These features can be added through a simple drag and drop of modules a bit like Lego bricks. DNN is open source software, we charge only for designing your website on it and adding modules we have made.

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