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How much does a business website cost?
Nathalie Pommier
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How much does a business website cost?

Online forums are loaded with questions like “How much does a custom business website cost?” and “How much should I pay for professional website development?”.

Most answers are very evasive because they approach the question broadly from designing a website with a cheap template-based builder and contracting a freelance WordPress designer to a professional web development agency.

Today almost anyone can build a website, as evidenced by countless celebrity endorsements on YouTube, but how much should a professionally developed custom website (that actually increases business) cost? What's the difference between a DIY template-based website and a business website custom-built by a digital development agency? For one, the latter can increase customer centricity and visitor UX to achieve your ROI.

If you aren't a web developer then you'll probably use a DIY website builder offering stock templates that have already been used by thousands of companies. Your new website will look like everyone else's old one!

Website builders and content management systems (CMS) such as Wix, Weebly and WordPress don’t update their technology constantly so the security of your website will not be optimum, not to mention it may not be responsive on all devices and it will definitely lack business features.

We understand that having a business website developed by a digital agency is a significant investment for business owners and corporations that are serious about using their website to grow their business. Many of our clients have come to us after losing time and money with DIY builders and WordPress freelancers and unlike many digital development agencies, we put our prices upfront. Based on our own client case studies we have created a “Business website cost calculator”, try it now!

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