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Your website in times of globalization and uncertainty…
Nathalie Pommier
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Your website in times of globalization and uncertainty…

It’s all over the news and it will affect your business!

Globalization vs. local business and sustainability?

Finding the balance is key and entrepreneurs should reaffirm clearly their company strategy, mission and values while engaging their employees and partners to do the same. The easy way to achieve balance between global and local business is with a dynamic and social-enabled business website that implements the following guidelines applicable for both local and multi-national websites:

  1. What your business is about should be immediately obvious to your website visitors.
  2. There should be engaging, direct calls to action on the top banner or just below it.
  3. Your website should be geared to the right target audience.
  4. Your website should be responsive on all devices and screen sizes, including phones.
  5. Your design should not be too busy with a cohesive color scheme and no cluttered pages.
  6. Your website should be fast with a great user experience (UX), well organized, simple to read and navigate.
  7. Your website should use HTML5/CSS instead of obsolete technologies (Flash, static pages, buttons, etc.).
  8. Your website should have an SSL and shouldn’t have dead links, errors, etc.
  9. Your content should be current, engaging, interesting and appropriate.
  10. Your website should use analytics, SEO, SMO, and a blog to collect and use data to boost your business.

Innovation & security (Internet of things & data collection)

Entrepreneurs should be concerned by security and privacy. Today website visitors want insurance that their information will be secure. The internet of things and unstructured data should be managed, secured and structured. Data is becoming multi-directional as consumer information is being collected by IOT/smart appliances, devices and business websites. Entrepreneurs should no longer be thinking WordPress blogs or outdated template-based Weebly, Wix, GoDaddy and other DIYs which are more vulnerable to hackers and data thieves. Their website should be secure with a versatile, scalable and intelligent CMS.

We specialize in building these scalable, intelligent and secure business CMS websites. If you need more business leads, sales results and a secure website feel free to call us at any time (727) 725 1333. We will be glad to show it you instead of talking about it.

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