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Best Web Design 2015
Nathalie Pommier
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Best Web Design 2015

Does your website reflect your business/brand?

You know what they say “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” and this is partially true for your website. If you are a fashion designer you need to come up with new design collections every season so your website must change with it. If you repair cars you may need to change the look of your website every 5 years.

When was the last time you looked at your website?

You should put yourself in the place of a potential customer and look at your website as if it was the first time. What should you change? Outdated style, mismatching fonts, dead links, wrong logo position, etc… Maybe add a blog, a social link, change the contact info? You should know that 95% of your potential customers will check your website before contacting you and 70% of them will make a credibility judgment based on the design, info and features of your website.

I want to be #1 on Google.

Most of my clients, friends and business acquaintances want only one thing, to be #1 on Google. Being #1 on Google can be achieved but it is more interesting to know why people want to be there in the first place. Yes if you are ranked number one for the keyword "interior designer" someone searching for one will click on your website. The problem is that they will spend an average of 2 seconds on your home page and move on to the next link on Google if they do not like what they see.

Your website is your business/brand accessible 24/7

You may ask many entrepreneurs if they are making money with their website and the answer will probably be “No”. Then if you ask them why do they have a website? Most of them will reply because everyone has a website or I wanted to be online, etc… Some entrepreneurs do not realize the negative impact a badly designed or an outdated website can have on a potential customers. If you have any doubt feel free to browse a large company’s website and you will find that they invest a lot on having the perfect online reflection of their business/brand.

10 tips to build your business/brand image online

1- Get a scalable CMS* website

2- Have a current, contemporary, up-to-the-minute design

3- Write a blog every day

4- Make a video about you and your business

5- Add an automatic RSS and social media feeder plugin to your blog

6- Have a mobile friendly version of your website

7- Turn on comments on your blog

8- Engage followers, convert them into customers and advocates

9- Publish new, original, interesting content.

10- Start a combined SE0|SMO campaign

* A website that you can manage and grow yourself without a third party internet company

Call us about any of these pointers, or other questions you may have about your internet ventures; we will give you our best unbiased free advice. 1+ (919) - 973 - 4986

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